Moonshot. Shoot for the moon. No idea is too crazy or unfathomable to us (okay maybe some). Moonshot Balloons itself was founded on a crazy idea (and a series of fortuitous events) that lead a couple of corporate 9 to 5-er's into the world of balloons. It's how our story began so at our core we dream without limits, run on imagination and bring ideas to life. 

What we love about balloons are the possibilities! Make an impact with a large scale installation or send a message with a personalised balloon. We can go up and down and all the way around, indoors or outdoors. Create a balloon garland, ceiling or balloon wall. Need a colour to match your theme or brand, we can custom create these for you too.

But enough about us, let's talk about you! Tell us what your dreaming up and what magic we can create together. 



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